understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am thankful and grateful for This Privilege tonight, for you cannot imagine the Joy that it is to Me to be of some service after so many years; and shall I make a little confession?

You know in those years of My search, and of course, now I know it was forces trying to intrude the suggestion into My world, that don’t you think you are being a little bit lazy in seeking your own freedom instead of serving mankind; and that was the thing that came the nearest to making me fail of anything that contacted My world.

That was the subtle cunning force of the sinister activity that saw what was coming, and wanted in that cunning way to prevent it; but thank the “Presence of Light” it did not.

Beloved Ones, can you imagine for one moment, My Feeling of Gratitude and Love to this Beloved Messenger for that Service rendered Me? My Dear People, if I could shout this into the ear of every human being on Earth, how great would be My Joy!

It might sound very well, My talking about It; but it is a very different thing when you experience It, which was My Joy; and I contend this, that there is not a human being living in the face of this Earth that can stand before Me, as you have stood tonight, and not know in your Heart that I have spoken the Truth!

That human being does not exist who can stand or sit before Me and hear these Words, and know I am not telling the Truth, or feel It! That is the Power of Light!

I don’t care what their intellect says, but I am knowing what their Heart is saying. That is the thing that counts, Dear People.

Your intellect has led you into all this maze of limitations and distress; your Heart will lift you out, because the “Presence of Life” is anchored There to fill you with Its Glory, when you will give It attention and harmonize yourselves.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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