understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the full charge of the Powers of your “Presence”, I charge, charge, charge into your feeling world tonight, Freedom from the Goddess of Liberty; Victory from the Great Ascended Master Victory, that gives you the Courage and Strength and the Confidence to make such dynamic Application that you cannot fail in a single thing.

Tonight, Great Powers of Light, enfold each one of these Beloved Ones in that Invincible Tube of Light; then stand guard over the feeling world of those individuals, that not once again do they ever requalify it with any discordant thing.

Stand guard, Oh Great Life, over these children. Set into action the Violet Consuming Flame underneath their feet; pass It through their feeling world, mental word and physical bodies like a blow torch, dissolving and consuming cause, effect and record of every discord that has ever registered in their feeling body or their physical world.

Remove cause, effect and record of everything that is limiting within the consciousness of the individuals. Set them Free in the service of the Light; and whether they are working in industries, whether they are working in the government, or wherever they are working, Great Presence of Light, hold them Invincibly Protected by your Tube of Light.

By the Action of the Violet Consuming Flame, dissolve and consume forever, every vestige of their human creation and accumulation that has been drawn about them through the centuries. Set them Free in the Power of their own “Presence of Life” this hour!

Make everyone accept the Glory, the Power of this Decree issued for their Blessing, that It may act in their feeling world with that Power with which It is sent, to quickly achieve that Freedom for each one;

and may they stand Glorified, a perfect representative of the Light, that all the World turns, and in looking at them, wants to be like them.

I thank you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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