understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Since My Release into this Great Freedom, I have seen thousands of times, as I move among the Students – now this might sound comical, but it is not meant to be so; this might sound mathematical, still it is true, because I have the record of it – among the Students today, there are over eighty thousand whose Treasurehouse stands ready, waiting to open Its doors to them.

If those Students will continue to stand firm and unyielding with the Power of their “Presence” as being the Treasurehouse, that now releases the Limitless Supply of Money and all else required, how quickly they will find their world and activity being flooded in ways and means that you could not possibly imagine in the outer.

The outer knows so little about what the Powers of the “Presence” can do, even as yet; but if you will just let the “Presence” have a chance, It will soon show you that It has the Authority and Power to produce for you everything you require.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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