Isis Unveiled: chapter III (The mirror of the soul)

“And now, if we are permitted to ask in the name of common-sense, why should Christian mystics be taxed with credulity or the spiritualists be consigned to Bedlam, when a religion embodying such revolting absurdity finds disciples even among Academicians? – when such insane rhapsodies as the following can be uttered by the mouth of Comte and admired by his followers:

“My eyes are dazzled; they open each day more and more to the increasing coincidence between the social advent of the feminine mystery, and the mental decadence of the eucharistical sacrament. Already the Virgin has dethroned God in the minds of Southern Catholics! Positivism realizes the Utopia of the mediaeval ages, by representing all the members of the great family as the issue of a virgin mother without a husband….”

And again, after giving the modus operandi:  “The development of the new process would soon cause to spring up a caste without heredity, better adapted than vulgar procreation to the recruitment of spiritual chiefs, or even temporal ones, whose authority would then rest upon an origin truly superior, which would not shrink from an investigation.”

To this we might inquire with propriety, whether there has ever been found in the “vagaries of Spiritualism”, or the mysteries of Christianity, anything more preposterous than this ideal “coming race”.

If the tendency of materialism is not grossly belied by the behavior of some of its advocates, those who publicly preach polygamy, we fancy that whether or not there will ever be a sacerdotal stirp so begotten, we shall see no end of progeny – the offspring of “mothers without husbands.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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