understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh yes, the Messenger has had a good many people come and tell Him that they were in communication with the Ascended Masters; but when the evidence came forth, it was very clear they were not, and afterwards proved they were not.

One who contacts this Great Stream of Life today needs Invincible Protection about them. If they will call the “Presence” to give them the Invincible Protection by the Power of this Tube of Light, and keep themselves harmonious, then they will have the Invincible Protection everyone requires, because It is the”Presence” that does it. You cannot produce It by the physical.

Look, Dear Hearts, there is not one solitary thing you can do by your physical alone. If you do not use the Power of your “Presence”, you cannot move your hands, you cannot speak a word; then It is the Power of your “Presence” acting, isn’t it?

At so-called death, you still have all these faculties and organs there, but they do not talk, they do not go; therefore, the Power was in this Stream of Light and Energy.

Please keep that before you. That gives you the full power of conviction that it is your “Presence” acting; because It is All-powerful.

Then when you ask It to do something, if you remain still, firm and determined in Its Power of Action, It will do whatever is required to produce Harmony, Happiness and Supply in your world.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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