understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Well, I might wait a little while; but I hope I won’t have to wait long to grasp your hand in the Octave of Light, and say: “Well done, My Brother and Sister, you are Free!”

Dear Ones, please think with Me for a moment again. Only so few years ago, I was in a limited body like yours; but today, I am Free forever in the Power of the Ascension.

Won’t you believe it and let that Power act in your world, to set Its same quality of action there and hold It sustained? You must call It to be sustained that you have that same action there for you.

Do you not see, Dear Hearts, unless you accept that which We offer, you cannot have It? Oh no, We don’t want to intrude anything upon you, Dear Hearts, not for the world; but We are Free! We know the process that produced It, and you have It before you.

Every Ascended Master will tell you the identical Words; there are thousands in the Octave of light, and not One of Them will vary one iota.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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