understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Ascended Masters never condemn or judge;  your “Presence of Life” never condemns or judges. It just waits until you are ready and willing to give sufficient obedience, that allows Its Powers to flow forth unqualified by any human quality.

Then the very Power and Perfection of Its Purity, Light and Energy, would fill your body with Health and your world with Harmony, which would bring the Blessings of Perfection to you.

It is so magnificent, so practical, so real and there is not a thing in the world today so practical as This Understanding of your Life, of everyone’s Life, for that is what It is.

Won’t you feel from this hour, this moment, that in the future there is not a single thing impossible for anyone of you?

Why, Beloved Ones, do you really still think that these garments of flesh are the power? Surely not. You cannot possible think that these bodies, these garments of flesh, are the power!

Why impossible; the Power is Here! (pointing to “Presence”) Only ten percent is within your body.

Sometimes foolish people, in attempting to oppose This Light, say: “Oh, God is within you, God is not above.” Well, if God was all within you, you would not be here; you would be Perfect Beings, Ascended long, long ago. Saint Germain God Presence Chart

Therefore, ninety percent of God is above you, and its Stream of Light and Energy beats your Heart.

That is why you have limitations, why you have ill health, why you have distress in your world. Once you know That “Presence” is the Authority and Power acting through these human forms, you will have no more pain, you will have no more illness, you will have no more limitations, you will have no more distress, because this Power knows no opposite of Itself.

You are the only opposite It knows, because you won’t stop your qualification.

Think of it! Haven’t we been naughty children? Think of it! This is not child’s play I am talking about; but Dear People, it is your very Life and freedom.

We have been naughty children because we insisted, and still do unfortunately, on clothing this energy with discord.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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