Grateful Evening, Loves πŸ˜Š

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion; And Y’all Radiated Throughout The Atmosphere…The Love, Light, And Higher Vibrations…Of Your “I AM Presence” – Which Is So, So Desperately Necessary During These Times! Amen…Hugging FacePurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love, Light…And Higher Vibrations! Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

“Oh! that humanity, who through church service after church service are acknowledging My Ascension, oh! why can they not feel the True Reality – and know that in My Ascended, Eternal, Light Body, I can and do reach all who will open their hearts to My Reception?

O Children of Earth! Learn to couple your feeling of the Truth with the acknowledgment of the Truth that you wish to have manifest in your Life. Then you will be enabled to go forth to any height of achievement in your quest for Freedom.

“I AM” the Open Doorway which no man can shut!


Your “Mighty I AM Presence” is the Truth, the Way and the Life.


Your “Mighty I AM Presence” is the Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

Your “Mighty I AM Presence” is your Directing Intelligence, your Exhaustless, Sustaining Energy.

Your “Mighty I AM Presence is the Voice of Truth speaking within your heart; the Light enfolding you in Its Luminous Presence; your Eternal Belt of Protection through which no human creation can pass ; your Eternal Reservoir of Exhaustless Energy which you can release at will through your conscious charging.

Your “Mighty I AM Presence” is the Fountain of Eternal Youth and Beauty which you can call into action and expression in your human form today.

Your “Mighty I AM Presence” is your Resurrection and the Life of your body and of your world of action into that Perfection which the heart of every being so much desires.

Listen, O Beloved Students of the Light! When you are uttering these Decrees for yourselves and “I AM” uttering them for you, do you not see that we are doing it for all the rest of mankind as well as ourselves? That when you issue a Decree of and through the “I AM”, you are issuing that for everyone else as well as yourselves?

This is how the application and expression of the “I AM” becomes all-powerful, exhaustless in Its Activity, and forever acts beyond the realm of human selfishness.


Why? Because you are asking for every one of God’s children the same Perfection which you are calling into action for yourselves.” (Jesus The Christ) Woman Bowing: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life… Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

No Posts Tomorrow…Revolving HeartsRevolving HeartsRevolving Hearts

Your _Mighty I AM Presence_ is the Truth, the Way and the Life.

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