understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now tonight, in preparation for the coming Class, I want to draw this illustration before you. The Messenger has often done it; but it means so much – it is a conclusion that no honest sincere individual in the World can possibly deny.

If a human form lay here lifeless before you, that one hour ago was in the fullness and activity of Life, and there was intelligence and power, authority, courage, happiness and all those qualities acting through that form, then where has it gone? Answer that?

Where has that gone, all of those qualities and powers that were acting through that human form? The organs are all there; the brain is there, but it is helpless.

Now then, observe that Ray of Light and Energy from the “Presence”. Everything that acted through that human form came through that Stream of Life, Light and Energy from its own “Presence”.

There is no human being on Earth who can deny that.

Therefore, then all that your Heart desires tonight or ever has, ever can, or ever will, is held within that Stream of Light and Life, Energy and Intelligence from your own “Presence”, which is anchored within your own physical Heart.

Therefore, if your experiences have been limited, then you must first know that you alone are the cause for that limitation, by your three faculties which you are using every moment, but without understanding what they were producing.

Your attention, the greatest faculty in human experience – what your attention is on you become; where your attention is, there you are!

Let us hold that briefly now. “

Beloved David Lloyd

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