understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your physical sight, your eyes are looking out here upon the world and accepting all these limitations and distress as reality, and causes you again to out-picture that same quality in your own world; because you cannot help it as long as you do that.

Then your invisible power, which is your power of qualification, Beloved Ones – do you not see that all that is ever used through that human form came through this Stream of Light and Energy? It came through these qualities, ideas, power, and intelligence by which it causes the outer manifestation to be gathered – the forces of energy gather and produce the form or condition.

This building which you are in, came through that Stream of Light and Energy through an individual, first as an idea, then put on blueprint paper; the outer substance gathered, and the building took form.

Just so with your human forms.

The point of Light in every cell of your body is the Light Pattern upon which the human form is built, or there would be no flesh structure there.

What do you suppose holds your flesh together?

The points of Light do, in every cell of your body, or you would not be able to hold your flesh together for a single instant.

What happens when disintegration sets in?

The Light has withdrawn and there is nothing to hold the flesh together.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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