understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Can you believe, Beloved Ones, that a book carrying the full Truth of Life can be so charged that it finds its way among mankind like a living thing? That is the Truth.

These Books, Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence, The “I AM” Discourses, the Ascended Masters Discourses, and the next one that is coming out, are Books of that Quality, that Power, and They will go into the hands of individuals where they belong.

There is nothing in the World could stop it, because It is the Power of Light in action.

That has nothing to do because the Messenger happened to be the observer of those Experiences; but it is because It is the Power of Light which is explaining Itself to mankind, the Power of your own Life explained to you.

That is why Its Authority, that is why, Its Power will carry It forward to bless mankind everywhere.

As the Radio Transcription work expands, and more of mankind begin to see the Great Blessing, in the great need of issuing these Mighty Decrees in great groups together, as well as individually, then they will know that Power going forth into the mental and feeling world of mankind, is doing a work through the Power of Radiation, that is unparalleled in the history of the Earth in any age.

Because all Life is vibration and substance directed by Intelligence, and mankind, once they come to know, as you observe this Chart and the Power of the Stream of Light from that “Presence” anchored within your own physical Heart, then you know you are a Part of that Great Life and cannot be separated from It – never in Eternity! saint germain God presence chart

You never were!

It does not make any difference how many times you changed bodies, still you are connected with that “Presence” of all Life. You are that “Presence” of all Life – the real you.

This garment you are wearing has not anything to do about it, unless it gives sufficient obedience, then the Perfection that is in that Stream of Light, has Its Dominion.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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