understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Again, can you imagine for just a few moments what My feeling could be? Even after years of searching for a goal, to find it suddenly attained and find that the Earth, because of that Charge of Energy that discharged from His Being into mine, released Me from the bondage of Earth!


The Earth could no longer hold My body to It; therefore it Ascended – a perfectly natural thing, not a thing unnatural.

Please feel this!

Then as I stood there, I saw the change in the expression on His face; and in that Powerful Current of Energy I was not conscious of the various changes that took place with Me, within and without.

But when I saw the change of expression on His face, then I looked down at Myself, and saw that in place of the form with the appearance of age, I was as Eternal Youth!

My garments had changed into those of the Higher Octave and I stood there in the atmosphere, clothed in beautiful raiment that as a lad in my daydreams I had often hoped I might wear. You know, boys and girls often have those natural daydreams in which they contemplate the possibility of the seeming impossible, and yet they are actually living in the glory of Reality then.

How many the Messenger has met among the Students, who, up until they were sixteen years old or so, had experienced the Reality of many of these things; but because there was no one about them that understood them, they had to shut that within, and then later come to believe that it must have been their imagination working overtime.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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