understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh Beloved Ones, if mankind only understood and had the courage, the strength to stand by the promptings of their own Heart, how different the lives of thousands and thousands in America and the World today would have been.

Look at Mdm. Blavatsky, who as a girl in Russia was sent forth by the Great Masters. Her people opposed and ridiculed it and everything; yet the child – without money – went forth, and the money was provided.

She went as a young girl to South America into the jungles of Brazil, where she met that Great Family of Ascended Beings, Who are there today; and since My Ascension, I have visited Them, so I know They are there.

Yet from that same country came the opposition, the communistic element that tried to spread its destruction through Brazil; but it shall not do it. It shall fail utterly.

Therefore, look at the individuals the World over who have been led forth, lifted as it were, above the turmoils of Earth, and taken forth and given all the Law of Life permitted to be given at that time.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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