understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore, Beloved Ones, then imagine My Joy when after all those years, and I had followed the old statement, “Young man, go west”, but not as those who had previously gone west – I was in search of a very different Goal. But that Prompting was so powerful that I followed It; and to make a very long story short, I found Myself this day, high up on the side of Mount Shasta in Northern California.

As I was going along, I suddenly came into this small clearing, and there I saw this Man sitting on a log – this body that is right here before you was sitting there on the log. As I came up, He turned and spoke to Me, and after exchanging a few words He started to offer Me a drink of water.

When His Hand reached out, in it came precipitated the Crystal Cup that I had searched for all those long, long years, and you will never know just how long those years were – every year seemed an age.

Then all the Powers of My Being rushed into action; and when this good Brother, after I gave the Explanation, said: “Well, what am I supposed to do?” – I often rejoice when I hear Him mention it since. When I said to Him: “Ask the God in you who does know”, and with that the whole power of his human receded out of the way, and the Powers of Light of His “Presence” came down as far as the Heart in this body that stands before you.

These arms and the head and shoulders were such a Blazing Light that you could scarcely look into It. As these arms and hands came forth and took Mine, no words could ever explain what went through My body! When I saw the Crystal Cup in His hand, which filled with this Wondrous Liquid, I just knew that It was for Me, and without fear, drank It.

I have always thought that My hair stood straight up, maybe it did not – sometime I shall ask this good Brother whether it did or not; but the Current, the Charge of Energy that filled every cell of My Being like lightning, was indescribable.

I could not attempt to describe It. My feet left the Earth as far as His hands would reach, then My hands let go of His, and I continued on.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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