understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I plead with you, do not longer accept the appearance world as real. It has an appearance, that is true. Your bodies have an appearance, but the Life that is animating your bodies, you do not see; therefore, it is invisible power, but very tangible.

We, as Ascended Beings are very powerful; but still We are invisible to the physical sight for a very good reason, not anything unusual. Why are We ordinarily invisible to you?

Because Our rate of vibratory action is so much more rapid than yours, that We have raised out of your sight, just the same as your electric fan – you see it when it is still standing still, but when you turn it on full speed, you do not see it.

Well, it is there, but the speed of the vibratory action has made it so rapid you do not see it with the physical sight. The same with Us.

I am just as tangible. I am standing right here – why don’t you see Me? Because I have not lowered My vibratory rate enough for your physical sight to cognize it; but that does not make Me any the less tangible.

You know I am sorely tempted sometimes; would you like to play ball sometime? I mean that literally. Well, we will see about it. I am anxiously waiting for that time.

Sometimes when you think I am not tangible, because I am still invisible, I will send you a Ball of Light that will let you know definitely I am tangible. Oh no, I would not harm you for the world; but you will know that it is Me.

I just feel like that tonight, just like I would like to begin to send them forth, that you might know I was very real.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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