understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to all destructive individuals toward these two Beloved Ones, be careful what you do! You do not in the ignorance of the human mind know the Power and Force of Light.

If necessary, I shall wield this Power in Washington, D.C. Those destructive forces have attempted to gather a vortex there, and they shall find it of no avail. Therefore, Beloved Ones, the Power of Light stands back of these two humble Precious Ones and Their Blessed Son.

Beloved Ones, your great Love, your great Call for Their Protection, is a Mighty Power which We can use. Always call for the Infinite Almighty Protection of these Classes, so mankind may have the harmonious opportunity to have the Blessing of Eternal Light which is always here.

The final battle of Light and darkness is on. The Light always wins, because the Light does not battle. The darkness is the only thing that tries to battle; for when the Light appears, the darkness disappears.

Try to feel that in your individual lives.

In the Fullness of the Power which is yours in all of your activity, I say to these Beloved Messengers, have no concern. Apply the Law, and the Great Law of Life will take care of them; and your great Love will intensify ten-thousand-fold.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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