understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We thank you, Beloved Ones, for your great Love and Gratitude poured out to the Messengers, who are so humble, so gentle, so kindly, asking nothing from mankind but obedience to their own Life, that they may be free.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, allow Me to thank you, to bless you with My Love and all the Assistance I am capable of giving, to help you quickly on your way to Victory; and remember, I stand at attention! I stand ready to serve every sincere honest “I AM” Student in the World; and My Powers are not limited, even though, so recently, they were.


Beloved Ones, in closing, may I say just a Word. When I found Myself wholly Free, and all the pent-up desires I found then of many lifetimes began to assert themselves, I sought for the Instruction of ALL the Powers of My Being, and with speed incredible.

I have been given credit in the Octave of the Ascended Masters for having the tenacity, and power, and speed of Achievement that is tremendous; therefore, I wanted This for use NOW!

After awhile, it would not be needed in the human octave; but now I want this Power to go forth and bless this Beloved One who has set Me Free. And I shall ever be present to stand guard over Him and His Beloved Ones.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, go forth in the Full Joy of your Limitless Power and freedom in your “Presence”; call forth, have, express, and FEEL the full Power of the Infinite Light and Joy of your “Presence”, Its Courage and Strength, Its Mighty Directing Intelligence.

You can call forth without limit to charge your world with Its Limitless Energy, Health and Strength, to go on and on quickly into the Victory of your Freedom in the Light.

I congratulate you! I thank you for your comprehension, for the Power that is yours, already expanding within your chest, within your Heart; and may That intensify with the Glory of your ever-intensifying feeling of the Desire for your Victory and Freedom.

Such is yours now, Beloved Ones. Claim It, be It, and feel the Fulfilling of the Power of your “Infinite Presence of Light” to take you forward into Freedom!

I thank you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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