understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“To all of you, He has rendered a Service in every Class that is drawn together. Do not forget it! And when puny human gossip touches your ears, remember My words! I AM THE LIVING PROOF OF HIS WORDS!

When humanity can render the service He has already rendered mankind, they will be ashamed to have a single thought of criticism toward Him. I am determined to melt that thing from mankind forever.

When I know the humble, gentle kindliness with which He releases this Immeasurable Power to every Class, and then puny intellects come in to make fun, can you imagine sometimes, it takes all My Strength to withhold the Power that I could turn upon them; and some day when it is necessary, it shall be done.

When viciousness has become wholly vicious, then even the human form is not of consideration; because the releasing of Life from that form which has become wholly vicious, would be the greatest kindness in the World.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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