understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, for a few moments, will you come with Me in all the Glory, all that Happiness, and that Feeling which was Mine in the Great Victory of Life?

After those long years of searching, try to feel what this Beloved Messenger means to Me. I know you love these Messengers; but how can you know, how can you understand to love Them as We do?

When suddenly I came upon Him on that great mountain in America, and by that Inner Power of Light, was taken to Him at the opportune moment, and then He – wholly unknowing of what was planned to be – in His very great kindness, offered to quench My thirst; and then to My Glory – and I shall remember it forever – in His hand came the Crystal Cup!

That was My signal which I had sought those many years, knowing, as He did not, what It meant.

Then, can you feel with Me for a moment, My Victory, My Glory, for I knew then the rest would follow, after explaining to Him My years of weary searching, and how the Light in Its Dominion within My breast, always carried me on and on.

Can you imagine, not knowing what mountain was meant, not knowing what locality in your America, not knowing anything except that on a great mountain in North America would I find this Man.

This I am saying for your encouragement and strength. Your Light can carry you forward to any Victory if you let It.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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