understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, when you have once determined that you are going to serve the Light, remember your human is never sure. When I am speaking now, I am referring to your Inner determination, not your intellect; and the danger of one today who has had such great help and assistance, is proof again of Saint Germain’s Great Wisdom.

He has always said, the human cannot be depended upon. Therefore, if you understand this and what it means to you, you will not allow your human to govern you or accept these destructive thoughts and feelings from anywhere else.

Into your feeling can creep a subtle destructive feeling that you are wholly unaware of until it gains momentum into the outer expression; then, unless one is very strong, it will, temporarily, hold its dominion there.

Therefore, you are having the promptings, Beloved Ones, to guard your own world, to guard your feelings, to guard yourselves against your own human that would willingly or unwillingly connect your Life Stream with some destructive quality or activity.

If you will charge yourself on retiring, with the Peace and Power of your “Presence”, and on awakening, charge it with Mighty Directing Intelligence and Activity of your “Presence”, you could not drop into human mistakes.

Now these are the Promptings which are being offered to you if you care to use Them.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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