understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Fortunately, I was completely harmonious within Myself, and that is the only means in the world by which I ever succeeded. I would never in the world have found Him, but for that. Today I know that.

Then, when I explained to Him and He said, “What am I supposed to do?” and with that Power which He still feels that came through My voice; and with long pent-up energy, I said to Him, “Ask the God in yourself, Who does know!”

That was the Release, and His human self disappeared. In its place came the Great Light of His Presence, until these arms and this chest, to this far on the body (about waist line), was a Blazing Light that you could not look into; and as those hands, which are before you, came out and took Mine, almost simultaneously with the touch, My feet left the Earth.

Then as I continued, it was no volition, no effort upon My part. The Light within Me drew me up, and when I ascended as far as His hands could reach and he let go, I continued on; and as I stood there in the atmosphere above Him – as those Blessed Ones stood today – can you feel with Me that Feeling?

Then above, the Ray of Light descended from My own “Presence” to complete the Victory. I shall never forget! He will never forget My Gratitude which poured out to Him; and can you imagine, even in My perfected state, My feeling today when human beings are so unfortunate as to criticize and condemn one whom they are not fit to lace His shoes?

Just because He seems to be natural and so kindly, which he is, don’t forget That Service His Presence of Light rendered to Me; and I AM THAT LIVING ETERNAL WITNESS to that Great Great Blessing!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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