understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Nearly every “I AM” Student in America has had word of this Activity today! Now what has this done, aside from the Great Freedom and Blessing to those individuals; what has It done for you?

Remember, where your attention is , your Life is pouring. Your Life is pouring to the Ascension in the Cave of Symbols, and tonight, in Arabia. Therefore, your Life Stream is connected with the Power of the Ascension and the full complete Achievement of those individuals.

As you remind yourself at least once each day of this Achievement, then the Power of your Life which made contact There, will continue to act in your feeling world. It will give you the Assistance of the Power There, and bring to your aid through your conscious effort, additional Assistance which is beyond your fondest imagination.

You should see by that how great was the Wisdom of Saint Germain in calling to your attention this Activity of today; and giving all an opportunity by their attention, to connect their Life Streams with that Magnificent Achievement, in Its Eternal Activity.

It will act within your feeling world, as long as you keep yourself reminded and qualify it to be sustained, to give you the Assistance outside of your own effort, for your own achievement.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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