understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, in contemplation in the future of the activity of this day, compel your intellect to accept the same enthusiasm which you have felt today, in the acknowledgement of this Great Achievement.

I prompt you now, when you go out from this Great Transcendent Radiance which has been gathered, and touch the outer world, stand firm and unyielding and hold this Radiance with you.

It can be done, and if you will determine while you are in this Radiance, and charge your Higher Mental Body to qualify and hold that for you, then it will be done.

There is no need to let down for one instant out of this Radiation. You can hold It if you will, and let It continue to increase and expand in your world.

When you see, hear or feel anything before you in your Life Stream that is less than Perfection, stop instantly! Call your “Presence” into action to dissolve cause, effect and record of it, and replace it by the Power of Light from your “Presence”.

Then you will reverse everything that would come in to cause you disturbance.


If you will do that, regardless of the requirement, every morning before you leave your room, even before your breakfast, call forth this Activity of your “Presence”, and you will see how you can place the guard which will ward off many unpleasant things for you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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