understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is the Power of Life. That is the Power of connecting your Life Stream with a Mighty Power of Freedom. Then observe how unfortunate would be the opposite, when you connect your Life Stream to destructive, limiting, pulling-down, tearing-to-pieces activities.

If you connect your Life with it, then you have the exact opposite. Energy does not discriminate in itself, but it goes where the attention directs it.

Therefore, if you want to be Free, you will hold your attention where the only Freedom in the Universe comes from – your own “Mighty I AM Presence”;

and there is your Freedom in every conceivable manner that the human can imagine, your financial Freedom, your Freedom of Health, your Freedom of Peace of mind, the Eternally Sustained Harmony, and the Glory of all That means for your own financial Victory, and all that It stands for.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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