understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I congratulate you, Beloved Ones, for the comprehension which is acting within your feeling world today. It is a magnificent thing. I am aware you are not fully conscious of that, but even that does not matter, so long as the activity is taking place.

As you continue to give your attention to the “Presence”, clearer and clearer and more definite will come into the outer consciousness the Fullness of This.

Therefore, do not ever allow yourself to be dismayed or discouraged by any appearance that confronts you; but just in the steady, calm Radiance of your “Presence”, be sure that That Great Intelligence can regulate, correct and remedy any condition which confronts you in your Life Stream. Most surely!

Do not for an instant allow yourself to accept that there is anything difficult in your pathway. Your “Presence” called forth into action, which is the Power of Light knowing no opposite, will flood forth, provided you keep yourself in the proper attitude of harmony and assurance; it will do the work!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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