understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You would no doubt be interested to know the difference between the Activity in the Cave of Symbols and the retreat in Arabia. Those who are making the Ascension there in Arabia ascend under the Five Rays of the Maha Chohan; because They will be Wielders of the Powerful Light Rays for Protection of the Earth.

They are carrying with that Protection, certain qualities, which I may not explain to you. It gives them a direct All-powerful connection with the Earth, until this Service is completed. Their Service is somewhat similar to the activity of Bob, Rex, Nada and Pearl.

While I have suggested it, still only a few have comprehended what is meant in the closing chapter of The Magic Presence. Keep on trying!

All of a sudden the True Meaning in that chapter will be revealed to you. It belongs to you as it did to Them. Therefore, in this Activity in Arabia, those Blessed Ones, most fortunate of beings, will enter into Their Great Eternal Service.

I have hesitated to bring this before you, but I shall preface it by saying, do not in any way allow this to have a discouraged sense to you; because it has nothing to do with your activity.

One in Arabia, of those who ascended, and one in the Cave of Symbols, have retained their bodies fifteen hundred years. Several times the Ascension was offered them; but in the service they were rendering, they asked permission to continue in the service of the Earth.

They were granted that permission, and today they are Free.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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