understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I wish to offer one suggestion. You do not all need this, but some of you will get tremendous assistance and blessing from it. While many of you have not seen them, yet in hydraulic work, when breaking down the formation of Earth, the great hose with the nozzle governing the outpouring of water, containing tremendous power and force, breaks down all before it.

If it will help you, feel going out from your Heart area this Mighty Ray of Light, always remembering that It is from your “Presence”. By that Mighty Power, It sweeps every discordant thing out of your pathway.

Then, following that, the Power and Activity of your “Presence” is bringing Divine Order in every requirement of your Life. Some of you will get tremendous activity out of that! Therefore, whenever We see a suggestion that will help, We offer it to you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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