understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you realize, Beloved Ones, I stand in this particular instance, ONE with your “Mighty I AM Presence”, in calling This forth for you!

In the consciousness which is Mine in the Achievement over human limitations, it is My Privilege to call This forth for you to act through your Higher Mental Body; and to the degree that each one of you accepts This – and I assure you It is no imaginary thing – then you will have the ever increasing activity of It in your world of action.

While I realize some are not comprehending the full import of This, there are many who are, to a large degree; however, in the great demand, the great need of today, I offer this Service to all.

It is the most unfortunate thing, Beloved Ones, for any human being on Earth today to attempt to ridicule the Expansion of This Light, the Messengers, or Their Work.

I say this for a very definite reason. Unfortunately, mankind are constantly building for themselves, conditions over which they have no control. That is what has been the matter with mankind during the centuries.

Therefore, may I try to help you to avoid all things of that kind in the future? If you do not agree with a thing, please have no opinion about it. That will prevent anything acting in your feeling world that causes a reaction upon you.”

Saint Germain

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