understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I know how anxious many are to know of the further progress made toward the Victory of the Light; and I am quite sure that you will rejoice with Me that twelve percent more has been accomplished. In addition, you will observe how Great, how very Transcendent, is the added Activity of the Release to the entire Earth of the Victory of these Ascensions.

Tonight, from Arabia comes the most Magnificent Power. Some of you are not acquainted with the fact, it is at that point upon Earth where the most powerful training in the World is given the Students in the use of the Light Rays. It is a very ancient Focus of this Great Power.

Tonight, as David Lloyd brings to you the direct Radiance from the Retreat in Arabia, from that Glory of Life, will you accept the Power?

Notice carefully these Words – accept the Power of your own Higher Mental Body to utilize these Light Rays; until such time as you become outwardly conscious of how to call Them forth into direct activity, as you receive the Conscious Direction from your Higher Mental Body.

If you will so charge your Higher Mental Body to do the many things required, and hold the sustaining Power about you as you progress – in other words, as your own Lights expands within – you will find Great Blessings and Benefit.”

Saint Germain

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