understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We have pled with the Beloved Students everywhere throughout America, to positively refuse to have opinions about each other, criticism, condemnation or judgment; so won’t you please, for your own blessing, avoid all of this in the future?

You are dealing now with a Powerful Law, Beloved Ones, and the one who does not believe that is quite unfortunate; but you are, and there is no human being on Earth that avoids it.

I offer This Prompting, that one takes firm command with themselves, their world, and avoids setting up further conditions which brings you distress.


At the slightest impulse to express those feelings or conditions, instantly remind yourselves that it is not permissible under the Law of your Life.

Therefore, if you will do This, I can assure you that before five years have passed over your head, you will see such Manifestations of the Cosmic Activities in your individual lives, as will satisfy the most skeptical of human beings.”

Saint Germain

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