understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When the Blessed One who came to Me as a lad in India and said to Me those brief simple Words, as I thought then: “My son, on a great mountain in North America you will find a Man with a Crystal Cup, and when you have found that One, you will have found the One who will assist you to your Ascension!”

I did not even know what the Ascension was at that time; and yet those Words stirred within Me a feeling and understanding of something that took such hold of Me, that it never relaxed for an instant! It held such command from within Me somewhere, that I never lost It for a moment.

That grew and grew and grew within Me, and I thought many times, when I would contemplate that great mountain in America, and I thought for a moment – “Good Heavens, how am I supposed to find a mountain like that? There are great mountain ranges in America, and yet I am supposed to go to that mountain and find this Man?”

You know how the human will talk to you. Well, that kept up at quite long intervals for about three years; and one day when they started to revolve, and the human began to talk back to Me, mark you, I did not understand these Laws that you do today, but yet from within Me, suddenly as that began to start again – something so calm, so firm and so positive – I heard It say as distinctly as if verbal words: “Stop that!”

I did not quite know what it meant, but it was like a thunder bolt when these Words came, forth and Beloved Ones, not once again did My human ever offer a suggestion as to that.

I say that to you because, somewhat like this good Messenger when he silence His human forever, I understand now a very similar thing occurred; the “Presence” within Me silenced that human, which was a very gratifying thing as I understand it today.

Now that is what every Blessed One of you will experience, as the Messenger did on the street in Los Angeles. You too will experience that moment when you say to all human creation and all human qualities and activities: “STOP FOREVER!” And then it will obey!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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