understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I must not keep you too late, but Dear Ones, can you imagine My Joy, My boyish happiness when I found that I had entered into a state, a condition where I could produce at will, anything in the world that I wished? Hold out My Hand and there it was!

Oh, Beloved Ones, Oh, let Me help you to remember the Great Being you once were and really still are today!

Oh, just think of these human forms and then think of your Higher Mental Body, a Body of Blazing Light, Beauty and Perfection, which stands there waiting, waiting, waiting for a sufficient power of your attention, when It will release Its Perfection, Its Beauty and all Its Power into the physical octave for action, which will cleanse, purify and lift the purified physical body into that Majestic Presence, then into this Presence of all Light.

Think of it! Is it not worth any effort that the human is required to make – any so-called sacrifice? Of course, there is no sacrifice really in your attention to the Light, because you are gaining everything and just losing your limitations.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing to think that through the power of your attention is the reverse of all currents of energy?

I can look at this stand; I can look at that Light. I but change My attention there to observe the Light. I look at the piano in which there is no Light and I look there where the Light is.

You look away from your human limitations into the Powers of the “Presence”, which is all Light, Intelligence and Power, and the “Presence” floods your being and world with all that It is.

That being Light Substance, all human limitations and darkness just dissolves and disappears before Its Radiance – no battle, no struggle.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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