understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved People, you are no longer subject to these limitations and conditions, although you are its creator. You can turn on that this hour and say to that thing: “STOP! BE SILENT FOREVER!” and it must be still! Then its powers of qualification will cease.

Then the Great Light of the “Presence” called forth, will come forth and do Its Perfect Work in your world of activity, for there will be no longer any obstruction and the only obstruction that there can be is in your own feeling world, so far as your world is concerned.

Won’t you let Me help you tonight in clinching within your feeling world that mighty conviction, that Mighty Truth – your Mastery over yourself and your feeling world? Say to that feeling at the least attempt at feeling any disturbance: “STOP! SILENCE! OBEDIENCE TO THE PRESENCE OF ALL LIFE!”

Then see how quickly, Beloved Ones, will come that Stillness in which the Power of the “Presence” will flow forth in Its Purity and Perfection, producing that very Perfection in your world of action.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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