understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let us take something so practical tonight, that the human feeling accepts it with the power of its full strength of its being, and that is, you – the physical body here – is the projection of Light.

Remember that the Light Pattern of this flesh structure of everyone of these bodies sitting here, is the power of that “Presence” upon which the atomic structure, called flesh, is held in connection and uniformly of action.

What do you think holds your flesh together? Take your arm; take your hand. What do you think holds that flesh together? That Power of Light, which is the Light Pattern of these human forms. In technical terminology, you would call it the force field, the electrical repulsion and retraction and all that kind of thing.

I say to you in the simplest manner possible, that which holds your flesh in form, is that Light Pattern in your body. For in every cell of your body is the Light, connecting all the Light and Power from your “Presence”, and at the base of your brain is the distributing point which feeds that Light into every atom of the body.

Therefore, Dear People, let us get such a practical hold on This tonight, that you take hold of This Feeling and Presence of Light and let It charge, charge, charge your being with Its Mighty Presence and Power.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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