understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed People, you do not need to remain in a single limitation longer, knowing as We do, the exact operation, having gone through the identical thing that you are doing, then why cannot We help you? Why can We not advise you and give you Our Experience that will bring you the Victory in your feelings, which is your Powerhouse of Light?

Then you might say to Me, if your feeling is the Powerhouse of Light, how is it that it becomes discordant? That hasn’t anything to do with the Light.

That discord is your power of qualification, because if it were not for your power of qualification that Light from your “Presence” would produce Purity, Harmony and Perfection in every cell of your body, and would have always produced a perfect body.

But your qualification of discord acting upon that, clothes that Light with the quality of your feeling of discord, and compels it to carry that limitation and discord out into your world and into the flesh of your body, which has made the so-called density of the flesh form today.

Yet look, Beloved Ones, you who think of your body as dense today, it is not nearly so dense as you think, for you can hold your hand before the Light and see the Light through the flesh, anyone can. Then if that flash was so dense as it seems to be, how could you see the Light through it?

Then let us go one step further, you can put a strong light in front and back of you and see through your body. Your X-ray shows the action of the organs, and in San Diego is a machine which you can look in the mirror before you and see the activity of the organs within your own body, your own Heart, its size and action.

Is the body so dense then?”

Beloved David Lloyd

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