Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“While men of genuine science, such as Wallace, Crookes, Wagner, Butlerof, Varley, Buchanan, Hare, Reichenbach, Thury, Perty, de Morgan, Hoffman, Goldschmidt, W. Gregory, Flammarion, Sergeant Cox, and many others, firmly believe in the current phenomena, many of the above named reject the theory of departed spirits.

Therefore, it seems but logical to think that if the London “Katie King”, the only materialized something which the public is obliged more or less to credit out of respect to science – is not the spirit of an ex-mortal, then it must be the astral solidified shadow of either one of the Rosicrucian spooks – “fantasies of superstition” – or of some as yet unexplained force in nature.

Be it however a “spirit of health or goblin damn’d” it is of little consequence; for if it be once proved that its organism is not solid matter, then it must be and is a “spirit”, an apparition, a breath. It is an intelligence which acts outside our organisms and therefore must belong to some existing even though unseen race of beings.

But what is it? What is this something which thinks and even speaks but yet is not human; that is impalpable and yet not a disembodied spirit; that stimulates affection, passion, remorse, fear, joy, but yet feels neither?

What is this canting creature which rejoices in cheating the truthful inquirer and mocking at sacred human feeling?

For if not Mr. Crooke’s Katie King, other similar creatures have done all these. Who can fathom the mystery? The true psychologist alone. And where should he go for his textbooks but to the neglected alcoves of libraries where the works of despised hermetists and theurgists have been gathering dust these many years.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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