understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Words, “I AM”, have been through all languages that have been throughout the ages, but in the past many thousands of years, the Words have not had anything but the bare repetition.

Saint Germain thought enough of this “Great Presence of all Life” to dictate thirty-two Discourses or more; in fact, they are all concerning the “I AM”, but those especially are in explanation of It, where It is, what It is, what It meant, and what It will do for you.

He has given the clearness of the Understanding, the clearness of the Application and Explanation of the Law of what takes place when you give certain activity in your Application, in the calling forth of This Power.

It does not matter; one of you here in this audience, so anchored in your “Presence” that you would refuse acceptance of anything of human creation in your world, can stand in the midst of a seething vortex and attain your Freedom!

This is what We want you to realize and feel within your feeling world, that there is no person, place, condition or any number of people that can prevent your advancement in the Light but yourself. It is impossible.

To do this, one must be firm enough to shut out all human discord, close your world to every discordant voice, and then in the Acknowledgement, and standing within the Power and Light of your “Presence”, feel the Fullness of It, the Commanding Presence of you and your world.

That is how mankind has come to know, that in all the seething vortex of limitations, discordant conditions of mankind, still it cannot affect the individual who will determine that it shall not do so.

That is how everyone that ever has attained their Freedom has come to It.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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