understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Rejoicing is very great, Beloved Students of Kansas City and elsewhere – perhaps I am a little optimistic, but in seeing the need, the requirement of the Students since My Ascension or My return and association in This Work, Beloved Ones, My Rejoicing knows no bounds.

Of course, don’t say this to Beloved Saint Germain, but I have not had many opportunities to talk to you; nevertheless, I will take advantage of this one and if I get enthusiastic don’t mind it.

For knowing as I do the Joy of that freedom from everything that surrounded and held and bound Me through those many long years, and up to the time that with My Father in India, when he was shot, I had no thought of these Great Ideals, of the Great Possibilities that were before mankind – now notice, before mankind, right here in their physical embodiments.

Think of it, My Dear People, think! Only so few years ago I stood here in a limited body as yours is today; now I am Free as the birds; I can go anywhere in the Universe I choose, and no one to say: “You stay here.”

Is it not wonderful? To think that mankind today, living in bodies of limitations, with the “Presence of God” feeding Life into their bodies, could have forgotten that Source as we all did!

Will you ever find words or feelings within your being, to thank Saint Germain for This Magnificent Understanding and Explanation of the “Mighty I AM Presence”?

HE IS THE ONLY BEING ON EARTH THAT HAS EVER BROUGHT IT FORTH, and no one has ever touched the magnificent clear definite powerful Understanding of this Mighty God Presence, the “MIGHTY I AM”, which He has brought forth.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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