understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You will remember how often the Messengers have urged the people to refuse acceptance of everything less than the Perfection of the “Presence”, the mightiest thing you can do, and yet it is within the province or everyone to refuse acceptance any longer of the limitations of the human world, the physical octave.

The day when you find that you can do That, what Magnificent Activities will take place within you and your feeling world!

I, like you, thought at intervals I was very happy. Oh, My Dear Ones, I didn’t know what Happiness meant, and pardon Me if I say it, I am sure you don’t either. How can you, Beloved Ones, until you have once tasted and felt that Freedom? How could you possibly?

The human intellect cannot comprehend It, and We don’t expect one to comprehend the Fullness of that Perfection which is your Joy and your Power – only when you have reached That Attainment, and in the gaining of That Goal, for on the Pathway of Light, how great today is the Blessing of mankind.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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