understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You will be interested in this. We have been watching the effect upon individuals of the broadcasts alone, and We have seen any number of people – some of the younger people, in a half joke say: “Well, very well, if that is what can be done, then let’s try it out.”

We always watch the opportunity to answer those Calls to give them the Encouragement and Strength.

Today, every means is being used to get the attention of mankind to this “Presence’, for it is the most important thing in Heaven or Earth today, and We utilize that at every opportunity.

Only yesterday in New York a gentleman who heard of one of the classes, one lecture of the class, and heard all the broadcasts that were there, said to himself: “Now, I think it is time I tried this out”, as a matter of very much importance to him was confronting him.

So he went himself, and in a very cautious manner finally raised his arms to the “Presence” and said: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’ take command of this situation! Perform your Mighty Miracle in it!”

Then he said: “Bring Perfection out of it!”

That was the thing that saved the day for him, when he said: “Bring Perfection out of it!” – then he gave the release that was necessary.

The following day his Call was answered, to his utter amazement. Well, he will remain anchored.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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