understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why I say to you tonight, Beloved Ones, do not weary about your Application! Go on and on and on making it with firm determination; and then, one day, you will begin to see the outpicturing of it so strong and powerful, that you will be sure that you have touched the Source of all Life, your own “God Presence”, as is shown you here on the Chart. saint germain God presence chart

My Gratitude is so Great that Saint Germain brought forth this Chart, for I know what it means for mankind to have an eye-picture, and this is quite different from looking at anything else as created in the picture form.

This Chart represents to you, Dear people, the Great Reality of Life! That is why the Messenger has repeated so many times, no human being can look upon that Chart an ever forget It, for the very reason, that It is your Reality, and anchored in your own physical Heart is that Light, the All-knowing “Presence of God.”

Once mankind understand that they have a Higher Mental Body which the “Presence”, their individualized “God Presence”, has provided to govern the release of the energy at the Call of the human form – think of it, every means possible, or required, has been provided for mankind, even all through their centuries of mistakes.

That is why today This which is being brought to your attention is the Eternal freedom of all mankind, and you will one day see that in Its Fullness!

But just now, if individual Students or otherwise will make the Application, the results will follow as the sunrise follows the night.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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