understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There are many people today whom We are watching that are having similar effects. This is the reason, Dear Ones; and I want you in Florida here, to feel the full import of this, for I do not feel that you quite do yet.

Your Decrees which you are issuing, Blessed Ones, with that great earnestness and intense feeling, are the most important thing in the activity of your life today!

You do not see its action, but these Mighty Decrees go forth, amplified by the great Host of Ascended Masters and the Legions of Light, in the mental and feeling world, doing a perfect service that you could not in the human imagine.

It is a far-reaching power. That is why I say, rejoice in your ability to issue these Decrees, to be part of them, for there is not anything so important.

People who do not understand, sometimes think, “Well, that sounds or looks foolish”; but Dear People, let Me tell you there is not anything so important as the meetings today where you gather in numbers and issue these Decrees, which must bring your own individual assistance as well.

If, for instance, in your Groups here in Florida, if one in your midst was needing assistance and every Student would issue the Decree for that assistance to their “Presence’, what do you think would be done?

My Dear People, a service indescribable would be rendered immediately. Instead of criticizing or condemning someone for having made a mistake, if you would all join in issuing a Decree with happiness and kindly feeling to that individual, for whatever was the requirement, why, do you not see how magnificent it would be?

With that you would feel a joy, happiness and good will. Oh, that is so necessary for your own success and progress.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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