understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Everything that finds expression in your outer world of experience must act through your feeling world in order to find expression and freedom of action out here for your physical use. Everything!

You think you go to the store and buy a garment, materials and all that. Oh, My Dear People, is it possible you do not see that everything has come through your feeling and mental world before you ever found it there in the stores? Why do you go to a certain store for certain things when you did not intend to go there?

The Mighty Intelligence acting through your feeling world impels you to certain persons, places and conditions where you find the exact thing you require.

Oh, Dear Ones, won’t you pay attention to these various things, because they are acting all the time. You look upon them as just happening. Well, it did not just happen. It happened because a Great Intelligence was acting. That is what you should feel.

And for every little thing that occurs in your life, of any prompting, you should give praise and gratitude right then from the depths of your being, for the smallest one will come to be the greatest of all achievement, if you will do that.

It is because mankind has ignored so long the constant prompting from every direction.

Look on your Life Stream, Dear people, and see the times of your protection and your blessing and your assistance. There are Blessed Ones in this room that only a few days ago would have been out of their bodies, if their attention had not been on the Ascended Masters at the moment.

That is why, Beloved Ones, mankind is constantly receiving the Blessings and Protection.

Now the “I AM” Students are coming to understand something about It, but only yet a small part, even with the most earnest ones; because every hour of the day the greatest Power and Intelligence of your “Presence” is acting through you, or trying to.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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