Grateful Evening, Lovelies 😊

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And The Day Was A Blessed One…Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion; If Not, Tho, And Some Of Y’all Are Just Frustrated And Ready To Give In To Appearances…I Say, “Don’t Do IT! Just Push On A Lil’ Further!” And Remember To Connect, Pray, And Meditate…And Stay In The Power Of Your “I AM Presence”! Cuz, It Is The Mighty Power Of God…In You! Amen Hugging FacePurple Heart

“The vibration within any element is always the Breath of God, Eternally Self-sustained. All pulsation is the Breath of God. The simple consciousness that: “‘I AM the Presence’ of Perfect Health is this Breath of God acting.
“‘I AM the Presence’ of forgiveness in the mind and heart of every one of God’s children.” This releases enormous vibratory action after its kind.
“‘I AM the Presence’ thinking through this mind and body” – brings about remarkable ideas.
Hold with determination to the following Statement, to keep your home clear of anything undesirable: “‘I AM’ the Governing Presence, governing in Perfect Divine Order, commanding Harmony, Happiness, and the Presence of God’s Opulence in my mind, my home, and my world.”
And…Hold the following with vividness: “‘I AM’ the Pure Mind of God.” (Saint Germain)

Give Thanks And Praises…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

“Never in the history of the world has there been such opportunity or Assistance given to the children of earth to face the “Sunshine of God’s Eternal Light” and walk steadfastly and fearlessly into Its Radiant Splendor – free, forever free from all limitation – living in the Abundance of that Light enfolding them like a mantle of peace and rest.

Again I say to the beloved students: if you cannot feel in your hearts the Truth of these Instructions brought to you on a golden platter, then don’t ever, in the Name of your “I AM Presence”, say or do that which would discourage another from the Light he might receive.

The plain, unadulterated Truth I give to you in the fullness of the great Love of My Being, that Its Radiance may cause you to understand and know what it means to dare, to do, and to be silent.

Any feeling of questioning in your minds of the Reality or genuineness of the Source of your Instruction but hampers your progress and causes you to require months or years to accomplish what you might easily do in a few weeks with a free, peaceful mind.

As one who has chosen you, I know and feel your every thought. It is very easy at times for the student to think that his acts or thoughts are under cover and not known, but to the Ascended Host there is no act or thought that can be hidden from Them, because everything you think or feel is registered in the etheric world about you, as plain as the nose on your face.

So do not ever make the mistake of feeling that you may think or act in secret. You may readily do this from the outer self, but never from the “I AM Presence”, which the Ascended Host are with no obstruction.

This, My Dear Beloved Students, is as far as I am permitted to go in helping to set up the guard for you. In the future no further reference to this will be made. Remember that the decision lies within you to go forward or not.” (Saint Germain) Woman Bowing: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

Saint Germain quote 38

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