understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, if you can believe what the Messenger has recorded in Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence, and if you will believe My Words as the One having experienced It, can any human being be so filled with their own human creations as to think that any person but Myself, David Lloyd, who made the Ascension, would attempt to, or be permitted to speak these Words to you?

Now Dear people, We are not speaking to hear Ourselves talk; but We are speaking for your blessing, freedom and benefit. If your human accumulation will not allow you to accept the Truths which I give and voice in My own Words, My own actual Experience, then there would not be much help for you, for every Word is My Own Experience and Rejoicing at My Victory!

If you can allow to act in your feeling world Those Qualities which I am sending forth here tonight for action, you will know and feel and hold within your feeling world, within your grasp, that very feeling with which I gained that Victory!

Why do you suppose We come and talk to you, Dear Ones, in this manner? To convey into your feeling world that True Feeling of Our own Experience which will enable you to win the same Victory, and for no other reason in the world.

Why do you suppose that Beloved Saint Germain permitted these Magnificent Dictations that have come forth? Because every One who dictates carries that True feeling with which They won the Victory, into your feeling world for action.

One day, when you know more about your feeling, and what it is to you or for you, then you will understand more fully what this means.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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