Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“The recognized laws of physical science account for but a few of the more objective of the so-called spiritual phenomena. While proving the reality of certain visible effects of an unknown force, they have not thus far enabled scientists to control at will even this portion of the phenomena.

The truth is that the professors have not yet discovered the necessary conditions of their occurrence. They must go as deeply into the study of the triple nature of man – physiological, psychological, and divine – as did their predecessors, the magicians, theurgists, and thaumaturgists of old.

Until the present moment, even those who have investigated the phenomena as thoroughly and impartially as Mr. Crookes, have set aside the cause as something not to be discovered now, if ever.

They have trouble themselves no more about that than about the first cause of the cosmic phenomena of the correlation of forces, whose endless effects they are at such pains to observe and classify.

Their course has been as unwise as that of a man who should attempt to discover the sources of a river by exploring toward its mouth. It has so narrowed their views of the possibility of natural law that very simple forms of occult phenomena have necessitated their denial that they can occur unless miracle were possible; and this being a scientific absurdity the result has been that physical science has latterly been losing prestige.

If scientists had studied the so-called “miracles” instead of denying them, many secret laws of nature comprehended by the ancients would have been again discovered. “Conviction”, says Bacon, “comes not through arguments but through experiments.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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