Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“And thus, after having written, in 1870, his severe sentence against spiritualism and magic; after saying that even at that moment he believed “the whole affair a superstition, or, at least, an unexplained trick – a delusion of the senses”; Mr. Crookes, in 1875, closes his letter with the following memorable words: “To imagine, I say, the Katie King of the last three years to be the result of imposture does more violence to one’s reason and common sense than to believe her to be what she herself affirms.”

This last remark, moreover, conclusively proves that:

1. Notwithstanding Mr. Crooke’s full convictions that the somebody calling herself Katie King was neither the medium nor some confederate, but on the contrary an unknown force in nature, which – like love – “laughs at locksmiths”;  2. That that hitherto unrecognized form of Force, albeit it had become with him “not a matter of opinion, but of absolute knowledge” – the eminent investigator, still did not abandon to the last his skeptical attitude toward the question.

In short, he firmly believes in the phenomenon, but cannot accept the idea of its being the human spirit of a departed somebody.

It seems to us, that, as far as public prejudices goes, Mr. Crookes solves one mystery by creating a still deeper one:  the obscurum per obscurius. In other words, rejecting “the worthless residuum of spiritualism”, the courageous scientist fearlessly plunges into his own “unknown limbo of magic and necromancy!””

H. P. Blavatsky

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