understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you may talk about, and you have read about, the old occult methods and tests which individuals go through in the occult schools, for and through initiation.

Well, I venture that no one of them was put to a greater test than I was in that search. That is why I want to tell you today, Beloved People of Florida and America, that you are the most privileged of people!

In all of the earlier centuries mankind had to go through such stress and every privation imaginable, to see whether the Strength of the Light within them was strong enough to continue, and for no other reason.

It was not that someone was being deprived of something, but just to see if the Light within the individual was strong enough to carry him forward, and that is so with you today.

For instance, as I was standing here – Oh yes, I was – when the Messenger was talking to you a few minutes ago, and heard what He said, and I thought of all the things that He had endured to carry this Message forward, I felt that My search for the Crystal Cup was not nearly so important as it had been before, I mean from My standpoint of strength in going forth.

For let Me tell you, Dear Ones, I had only My own human creation to contend with; the Beloved Messengers have the human creations of nearly four hundred thousand people to contend with. Did you ever think of that? Do you realize what that means, Dear Ones?

I am saying this for your blessing and benefit, Dear Ones, that you may feel how – let us call it just plain what it is – how nonsensical it is to allow human conditions or your own creations to longer interfere with your progress and advancement.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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