understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students and Friends of Florida, I have longed for this opportunity to become acquainted with you, for I trust My Words tonight may help us to become acquainted.

Little did I dream many, many years ago, after I had come to New York and established Myself, and then began My search in America for that Great Mountain – one season I became so weary of that search that I accepted the invitation of a wealthy friend in New York, and I was on your waters of Florida in a wonderful yacht.

Little did I dream then, that at this time, I would be speaking to you in this manner.
I do not wonder that sometimes it is a little difficult for individuals to realize quickly, the full import of these vast Truths of Life which are not being revealed to mankind. I do not wonder. I do not feel impatient; but in order to give you a little strength and encouragement, remember the years of My search.

Dear Ones, do you really realize what it means today to follow a direction so fragmentary as was given Me? Think of it! In India, as you have read in the Books, I was told that on a great mountain in North America I would find the Man with the Crystal Cup, and when I did, I had found that One who could assist Me to My Ascension.

I knew nothing about these Laws to speak of;  but today, I know that the Light within Me was that which the Master saw, which drew Him to Me to give Me these fragmentary directions, that if I – now notice – if I was strong enough to follow, I would win the Victory.

Little did I dream then how great was the Power of My Own “God Presence”, that when I came to point where I could begin to allow It to do the work and do the searching, then My search was soon over.

Think of all the years of experience that it took to teach Me, to, as I thought then, turn it over to God and let God do the searching.

You today, Beloved Ones, are in a far more advantageous state than I was. You have had brought to you This Magnificent Understanding and Application. Oh, how I wish I had That when I was told in India to make that search.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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