Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“After expending their energy on such puerile theories as “unconscious cerebration”, “involuntary muscular contraction”, and the sublimely ridiculous one of the “cracking knee-joints” (le muscle craqueur); after meeting ignominious failures by the obstinate survival of the new force, and finally, after every desperate effort to compass its obliteration, these filii diffidentiae – as St. Paul calls their class – thought best to give up the whole thing in disgust.

Sacrificing their courageously persevering brethren as a holocaust on the alter of public opinion, they withdrew in dignified silence. Leaving the arena of investigation to more fearless champions, these unlucky experimenters are not likely to ever enter it again.

It is easier by far to deny the reality of such manifestations from a secure distance, than find for them a proper place among the classes of natural phenomena accepted by exact science.

And how can they, since all such phenomena pertain to psychology, and the latter, with is occult and mysterious powers, is a terra incognita for modern science.

Thus, powerless to explain that which proceeds directly from the nature of the human soul itself – the existence of which most of them deny – unwilling at the same time to confess their ignorance, scientists retaliate very unjustly on those who believe in the evidence of their senses without any pretense to science.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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